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It took time, and it took humility, and it took an openness to experimentation and failure for each of us to believe in our own dreams to tell stories through film.


We’ve been down that road and have shared the same doubts you've had about a vision you feel you were born to realize, and your need to create and share that creation.


At the Academy of Storytellers, we know your passion for storytelling. So we grew a community of creative professionals who want to improve their filmmaking craft and learn how to build a lifelong career in storytelling.


Over the past 4 years, we’ve created and compiled a custom library of filmmaking knowledge covering nearly every aspect of the process and career-building. As a member of the community, you have access to this wealth of knowledge for just $275 a year.


Why? Because community is about building each other up. We share our wins and failures, our tips and tricks, and the stories created along the way.


In addition, we now offer our community valuable, comprehensive TOGETHER Workshops taught by highly skilled professionals to help you achieve your dreams at an affordable price.


In these workshops, you’ll learn from award-winning commercial directors, renown documentarians, ground-breaking travel and adventure filmmakers, and film industry mavericks.


These master filmmakers came from our community, care about our community, and believe in giving back. Each can relate their own challenging journeys, so they’ve developed highly personal classes that will change your approach to film and career development immediately.


These up-close and personal TOGETHER Workshops include in-depth video modules, live coaching calls, live QAs, and valuable hours of learning, experimenting, and supporting your career goals with actionable wisdom and advice.


This level of intimacy and engagement is unique and reflects our commitment to professional filmmaker education. All you need is a commitment to invest in your future, and a belief in yourself.

So, become a member of the Academy  community today. And learn, create, and share the stories that only you can tell and that the world cannot wait to see.


ACADEMY OF STORYTELLERS: committed to the art of believing.



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$275 Yearly  Membership Academy Access!

Normally $375. Here's what you'll be getting:

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The Academy of StoryTellers' Membership includes a world of community, tutorials, member led conversations, and Groups dedicated to the topics we all need to succeed..

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Join the Academy!

The Academy's TOGETHER Filmmaking Workshop Series brings everything we're about together for an unmatched learning experience. It's our passion and what defines us.


Creating a  Workshop begins by listening to our community and identifying the areas that are the most challenging, or even the most fun! TOGETHER Filmmaking Workshops address skills that filmmakers want to add to their toolkit and exposure to processes they won't find otherwise.


We then collaborate with some of the best filmmakers anywhere, who excel and often work exclusively in those areas. Experts with an actionable, proven approach and a desire to share lessons learned.


We know that no filmmaker can be the best in every area. So we dig deep to find and work with the very best authority in each discipline so you get field-tested knowledge about the exact skill and process you want to learn.


With a full-time team of producers, directors, editors, writers, and filmmakers, the Academy of Storytellers spends months working with the filmmaker/educator to deliver their messaging and content in a way that consistently drives personal and professional growth for our community. This is our mission and passion.


We've been creating extraordinary educational resources for 4 years and always with the single belief that it's not about us or the experiences we've had. It's about you and your aspirations. And that’s what drives us to be the very best.


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