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If you’re a filmmaker, you’re a storyteller. And if we had to guess, we’d say you’re pretty passionate about it.

But growing in your craft is hard. Often, it feels like the road is full of nothing but obstacles. There’s always something new to learn, and it’s tough to know where to even begin.

As filmmakers ourselves, we've known what it’s like to be stuck, or to feel lost in the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. That’s why we created the Academy of Storytellers – a community where we all improve our filmmaking together, so that we can build sustainable, lifelong careers in the craft we love.



Over the past several years, we’ve built a war chest of knowledge in the filmmaking world. It covers nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process, on both the technical and career-building sides. And as we built it, we learned something very simple, yet easy to miss: growth happens best in community.

The Academy of Storytellers isn’t just a place where you can go to learn all the things you need to know about making amazing films. It’s a place where you can go to find a like-minded network of filmmakers driven by story, dedicated to being the best artists they can be. A place to share our wins, along with our failures. A place to build real community, and share some truly remarkable stories along the way.

But most importantly, you get our total commitment to help you achieve your goals as a filmmaker. We want you to share the stories that only you can tell, and help the world become a little bit better because of your unique perspective.


The Academy's TOGETHER Filmmaking Workshop Series brings everything we're about together for an unmatched learning experience. It's our passion and what defines us.

But what are these workshops, exactly?

In short, they're master classes from filmmakers at the top of their game, from many different disciplines. To create these workshops, we find filmmakers who truly excel at their craft, and ask them to teach you everything they know. These are experts with an actionable, proven approach and a desire to share lessons learned.

No single educator can be the best in every area. That's why we dig deep to find and work with the very best authority in each discipline, so you get field-tested knowledge about the exact skill and process you want to learn.

Our team spends months helping each workshop leader to deliver their messaging and content in a way that's guaranteed to help you grow. This is our mission and passion.

We do this for a simple reason: we care about your aspirations, your goals, and your future as a filmmaker.

So look through what we've got, and see if there's something that could help you take the next step in your filmmaking journey.

Here's What People Are Saying About the

Academy Of Storytellers

Corinne Maunder

Melbourne, Australia

The Academy is an amazing resource, where we're learning from other people, from different companies coming together in a real's getting the experience of working with other people but still being able to work for myself. The Academy has been really good for stepping up, getting out of my comfort zone, and taking on new challenges.

Matt Dringenberg

Edmonton, AB

The Academy is exactly what I have been waiting for! A place where I can learn new skills from pros and discuss topics with other community members. I'm no longer alone in the vast world of storytelling!

Justin Holtzen

Los Angeles, CA

Our company started training with Story and Heart in 2016 and I was blow away with the possibilities and everything they had to offer. The information is comprehensive and you learn from the some of the best in the industry. Not to mention the amazing support from their community of like minded filmmakers. 


This is a home for filmmakers who want to make radical improvements in their craft, together.

It’s a community for people who value collaboration over competition.

A place to go with questions, and leave with answers.

A destination for shifting the way you tell stories, and move your audience.

It's time to capture your future as a filmmaker.