Master Your Sony Camera (Without Months Of Tedious Trial and Error)

Capture stunning footage, simplify your color workflow, and unlock the full potential of your Sony camera — no tinkering required.


The Paradox of Sony Cameras

Bang for buck, Sony produces some of the best cameras on the market for filmmakers.

They’re at the cutting edge of sensor technology, and it shows.

When you work to the strengths of these cameras—nailing the proper settings, and processing the footage to make the color shine—the results are nothing short of magic.

There’s just one problem: getting the most out of your Sony camera isn’t intuitive...at all.

The menu systems are complex and overwhelming…

There are quirks that can ruin your images and turn your post workflow into a never-ending headache…

And if your footage wasn’t captured properly, you’ll be dealing with noise, banding, and rolling shutter on top of all the color issues.

That’s the paradox.

So much potential in these cameras, and so many potential headaches.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to be a slave to your camera’s quirks any longer.

Our friends over at 31Films have cracked the Sony Code after using these cameras extensively in their business.

So we asked them to pull back the curtain in this workshop, and share everything they know about harnessing the power of Sony cameras.


"I can now get the look I want out of my camera and color grading in post production became more efficient."
Alex M.

Who is 31Films?

31Films is one of the country’s premier wedding film companies, having shot over 500 weddings in the past 15 years. Their sister company, Film Lab, tackles big-budget commercials and corporate projects, as well as documentary and narrative work.
With much of their work, the 31Films team relies on their trusty Sony cameras, from the A7s to the FS7 and F5. 

Learn from 31Films' years of trial and error with Sony cameras, and how best to use them to their full potential.

The strengths and weaknesses of key Sony cameras (A7sII, FS5, F5). Once you understand these, you can get the most out of your camera — in any situation

The tools and strategies used by the 31Films team to rig their cameras for wedding setups, to run and gun, to commercial.

The subtle art of the perfect exposure in S-LOG and Cine-Gamma.

Techniques for controlling noise and rolling shutter across the different Sony sensors.

How to nail your focus, even if you don’t have an external monitor or focus puller.

The powerful custom functions on your Sony camera, and why they could save you a ton of time and headaches on set.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sony’s picture profiles. How they work, how to customize them, and which ones to use.

The exact custom picture profiles 31Films uses for each camera for both their wedding and commercial work.


"Mind blown from the picture profiles part... life will never be the same" 
Alice S.


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