Stages: Backstage Pass

An Unprecedented Filmmaking Experience with Ryan Booth

Ryan Booth, a renowned commercial director and cinematographer, is in the throes of producing his first feature film, Stages. You’re invited to follow along through the entire journey, from funding to distribution.


Imagine having access to the experience and knowledge from the key departments of a feature film — while they’re making it

What if you could...

— Read the script of a film… and then ask the Screenwriter how the story-arc was developed?

— Tag along during fundraising...… and then ask the Producer how the business plan was put together?

— See the blocking of a pivotal scene in a film… and then ask the Director why it was filmed that way?

— Look at a film’s post-production budget… and then ask the Line Producer how the budget distribution between scoring and color grading was determined?

— Watch an early screener of a film... and then ask the Executive Producer what needs to happen next for a successful festival run?

Join Ryan Booth and his crew for this experience and all of this, and much more, is possible.

Welcome to your Stages: Backstage Pass.



What's included


Live Monthly Status Update + Q&A Webinars with Ryan and Crew

Every month between now and when the film has been distributed, you will get to jump on an interactive webinar with Ryan and his various crew members to ask questions and get the latest from the road.

At its core, filmmaking is about a group of people making decision after decision in pursuit of a great film. On these monthly calls, we'll strive to get you into their heads so that you can make better decisions on your next project.


In-Depth, Professionally Produced 'Making Of' Video Training Series

If you’ve seen the original On Set With Ryan Booth course (if not, check out a sample above), you know we don’t mess around with our training videos. We take great pride in not just showing you what is happening in the process, but digging deeper to understand  the why.

And for this experience, we're taking it up to another level by covering the both the how's and why's of creating and distributing a feature film.



An Inside Look at Critical Pre-production and Production Documents

It’s incredibly difficult to find official documents (especially budgets) from feature films. Not surprisingly, this makes it harder for first time feature filmmakers to see how the pros do it.

But transparency is what we’re all about. You will get access to everything —from the script to the budget, from the shooting schedule to the shot lists.


A Private Community Just For Stages Backstage Pass and Producer's Circle Members

The experience wouldn’t be complete without a private group in our community — a custom built iOS,  Android, and web platform designed to foster meaningful connections..

You’ll not only be able to chat with Ryan and ask questions, but also make connections with other likeminded feature filmmakers from all over the world.


A private 2-day event in Portland

The experience culminates in an educational event like no other in Portland, Oregon in the Summer of 2019.

Not only will you watch a screener of the film (before anyone else) with a live Q&A afterwards, you’ll be part of intimate group workshops to help you level up your skills.

Day 1: We’re bringing in the Stages crew to teach in-depth workshops about how they accomplished what they did in the film. You’ll get a crash course in producing, cinematography, production sound, and post-production.

Then on the second day, we’ve got something very special for you.

Day 2 (exclusive for Producer's Circle members): Ryan will spend the entire day walking you through the directorial process, how he made the transition from DP to director, and even some of the personal sacrifices you have to make to get an indie feature made.

It's a rare, honest, vulnerable look at what it takes to direct a feature film, and you won’t want to miss it.

...and two key bonuses to set the stage


On Set with Ryan Booth

Stages picks up where The Heights (the original concept film) leaves off. In the 20+ episode On Set with Ryan Booth training series, watch how this Vimeo Staff Pick was created, become familiar with the characters, and get ready to learn how Ryan will take his proof of concept to a full-fledged feature film.


Ryan's Cinematography and Lighting Workshop

Producer’s Circle members will also receive Ryan's Together Workshop where he shares his path to from photographer to becoming the Director he is today. In this 4+ hour workshop, Ryan digs into his journey, the skills you need as a cinematographer, and how to work with your production team to create films that stand out.

Our promise to you


Unprecedented Level of Access

All too often filmmakers work in silos, having to figure out everything on our own over a lengthy trial and error process. The Backstage Pass experience is an incredibly rare opportunity to shortcut your learning curve by joining Ryan Booth and the various Stages crew departments as they share what actually matters throughout each stage of producing a film.


Complete Transparency

Transparency (or lack thereof) is a huge problem in the film world. Even when filmmakers share the process, it’s often a curated, glorified look with all of the messy, difficult parts removed. With this experience, you will get the full, honest truth about what it takes to bring a big project to life. So even if things don’t go according to plan in your projects, you’ll know about it, and see how pros respond to adversity.



Practical Real-world Business Insight

Most training focuses primarily on creative side of filmmaking. While creative is a part of filmmaking, the business side is just as important — if not more so. That’s why we’re sharing everything, from the logistical and creative details, to fundraising, festivals, distribution, and marketing. It’s the full picture, so you’ll be armed and ready with the creative and business knowledge you need.


A New Kind of Film School

The Backstage Pass experience isn’t somebody telling you how to make a feature 20 years ago (looking at you, film school). This is a new kind of film school — a group of dedicated professionals working through the filmmaking process live right now, in real time, with you by their side. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to make and distribute a feature in 2018 and beyond — nothing less.

Why join Ryan and crew for this experience (even if you don't make or intend to make feature films)

Chances are you’ve got an untold story — an ambitious project you’re itching to make.

But as you know, it’s one thing to have great story ideas, and it’s another to execute. And the bigger and bolder your ambitions become, the harder it gets to execute.

That’s what the Backstage Pass experience is all about at its core.

—A rare chance to learn how to execute on ambitious projects, from initial idea to distribution.

—A playbook and a community for ambitious filmmakers.

—A permission slip to get out there and execute on your biggest, boldest ideas.

We’ve had dozens of ambitious filmmakers like you sign up. When we asked them why they joined and here's why:

And just in case we haven't met before, it's absolutely great to meet you. Together, we're bringing you the Stages: Backstage Pass experience

Ryan Booth

Ryan’s an internationally recognized commercial, narrative, and documentary cinematographer. He’s shot commercial projects for MTV, Spotify, Under Armour, Pepsi, and Home Depot, as well as music videos for Atlantic Records, Sony, and Universal Music. He DP’d an award-winning narrative feature in 2013, and two documentary features in 2015. These days, Ryan’s made the leap into directing commercials and narrative projects.


Academy of Storytellers

We’re a group of directors, filmmakers, producers, editors, and creatives based out of Portland and LA. Our goal is to create the most useful, comprehensive filmmaking education out there, taught by working professionals, while simultaneously building and nurturing the the world's best community for ambitious filmmakers.

Ready to join Ryan and crew for this once-in-a-lifetime experience?


Special Early Bird Price

$597 $467

Follow the journey with Ryan Booth and crew, from pre-production to post and beyond

Live monthly Q&A webinars with Ryan and crew

Access to key production documents (budgets, scripts, shot lists, and more)

In-depth, professionally produced 'Making Of' training video series

Recording of Stages crew 1-day workshop

Bonus: On Set with Ryan Booth



Special Early Bird Price

$1397 $1097

Access to everything from the Backstage Pass Option

(1) Ticket to attend private Producer’s Circle only 1-day workshop with Ryan

(1) Ticket to attend Stages crew 1-day workshop

Recordings of both Producer's Circle 1-day workshop + Stages crew 1-day workshop

Bonus: On Set with Ryan Booth

Bonus: Ryan Booth's Cinematography and Lighting Workshop


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