Upgrade your wedding film playbook in 2020

Get a totally unique, firsthand view of wedding filmmaker extraordinaire Matt Johnson's process for creating and delivering films his clients love, every time... and learn how you can do the same.


It’s Time To Upgrade Your Wedding Film Playbook

Ever found yourself behind the camera at a wedding shoot, wishing you had another filmmaker to show you how THEY would handle things?

We have. It's easy to second-guess yourself, and wonder if there's a different way to go.

And often times? That curiosity is grounded in a real, legitimate place.

Watching another filmmaker work their magic can be a totally transformative experience, but it's almost impossible to have that opportunity.

That's why we followed wedding filmmaker extraordinaire Matt Johnson on location at a wedding shoot, and captured strikingly insightful BTS of the whole shebang.

Since then, we've been working to distill that footage into a step-by-step playbook for wowing your wedding clients, with a film that's just right for them.

This six episode On Set (with tons of additional bonus footage) is now live, and to celebrate, we're offering the entire course at a huge discount off the published price of $99!

But let's be super clear – this isn't your typical "ideas-only" course. It's a first-hand look at his framework – on the ground, running through each step of Matt's wedding shoot process. Matt provides strikingly unique and helpful perspectives on WHY he does things, so you can apply these methods to your own work.

This On-Set course is designed to help you glean dozens of new insights to apply in your own films this year. It's your one-of-a-kind chance to be a fly on the wall of Matt's lens bag, watching and learning from each decision he makes.

Don't let yourself keep wondering what you could do to get better. Are you ready to take the next step, and refresh your wedding film playbook for 2020?


Who Is Matt Johnson?

With 10 years of wedding film experience & an army of devoted followers on YouTube (many of whom become clients), Matt Johnson's skills as a wedding filmmaker may only be matched by the beauty of his beard.

In this On-Set course, you'll see exactly how he handles the challenges of shooting a wedding, and how he delivers an end product that truly delights his clients.

Watch the On Set with Matt Johnson Introduction!

Matt gives us a quick overview of what to expect over the six episodes.


What exactly is included with Matt Johnson's On-Set Course?

Six episodes, giving you a closer-than-ever look at Matt's entire process for planning and shooting a wedding (Episodes 1 and 2 are available now – and the rest arrive throughout January)

Two coaching calls – a personal call with the Story & Heart team, and a group call with Matt + other course attendees (If you're unable to make the live call, the recording will be available within the course library). Get specific direction on how to apply the course in your own context

A detailed look at Matt's gear selection, and how he decides what to bring along for each shoot

Techniques and on-the-ground methods for blocking out shots in advance, to help make sure you get exactly the footage you need on the day of the wedding

Candid interviews with Matt from the day AFTER the wedding, breaking everything from the day before down into highly-applicable detail

Methods for making your clients feel comfortable, trusting, and open on the day of the wedding

How to overcome unexpected challenges on location, and think creatively to get brilliant results when you'd least expect it

And plenty more “nuggets of wedding film wisdom” during the Q&A sessions.



"I'm the kind of person who doesn't just want a boring 'how-to' manual – I want to WATCH the experts perform, then apply their methods in my own work... so this course is perfect. I get to sit on the front row, see a master of the wedding film craft do their thing, then go out there and make it happen for myself."
—Michael D.

"I LOVE this On Set! I wish - when I first started filming weddings - there was a course like this . Just seeing how Matt goes about getting ready for a shoot, how he balances the personal and professional with clients, and how he handles the unexpected is worth the price of admission! As a side note, this is about the most entertaining course I've ever purchased. Matt - you're hysterical!."
—Robert C.

"For partners that shoot weddings together, this series is perfect. Matt and Rachel bring you into their world. It's an in depth case study on how to make weddings fun again all while crafting beautiful stories"
—Max D.


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