Everything You Need To Create Attention Grabbing Narrative Films

Go from idea to script, and from script to screen… all while keeping your creative vision intact and telling a story people will actually care about watching.


The Harsh Reality of Making
Narrative Films

At the end of the day, all of us strive to make films we’re proud of.

There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing your work up on the big screen, and saying, “Heck yeah, I made that happen!”

Yet in the world of narrative filmmaking, that’s not an easy thing to do. Far from it.

Once your script is done, chances are your budget won’t be enough to translate the vision, leading to countless cuts, sacrifices, and rewrites.

Then comes the process of teaming up. The right people can take a project to the next level, but the wrong ones will derail the process. It’s not easy to tell the difference.

There will be days where you’ll have to rewrite or cut entire scenes in a matter of minutes, just because the sun’s setting and you only have access to the location for another hour.

By the time the edit rolls around, you may or may not have everything you need, but you probably won’t have everything you want.

Either way, you’ll have to make it work, hopefully producing something both you and your collaborators can be proud of.

All of this is to say, making a narrative film that carries your story and voice all the way from script to screen is no small feat.

That’s why we invited Seth Worley to our studio for a live workshop.

He’s been doing this professionally for years now, and we got him to share his best strategies for making the process more reliable, and more fun.


Who Is Seth Worley?

Seth Worley is an award-winning filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. He’s produced commercial work for companies like Bad Robot, Canon, and Coca-Cola. 

As resident filmmaker and director of content at Red Giant, his short films have garnered millions of views and multiple awards, and have featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Fast Company, Slate, io9, SlashFilm, HULU, The Tonight Show, Virgin Atlantic's in-flight programming, and more.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Seth Worley's Narrative Filmmaking Crash Course

How to identify stories worth telling, so you don’t waste time and money on something that’s already been done a million times.

You’ve been told countless times to “find your voice.” Seth will give you a simple framework for how to actually do it, then use your voice to strengthen every story you tell.

The art of writing screenplays people will love reading (this is one of the keys to attracting great collaborators).

Translating your script into the language of film, and crushing the pre-production process so that you’re ready for the battle of production.

How to build the ultimate crew for your film, and navigate those tricky relationships through the whole process.

Seth’s hard-won wisdom for casting the best actors, and giving specific direction to capture amazing performances.

Every film has obstacles and setbacks. The best filmmakers use a simple mindset shift to transform obstacles into creative fuel.

How to capture footage that looks like it cost a ton of money to produce, even if you’re shooting on an old DSLR and eat Cup O’ Noodles for every meal.


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