Niching Down To Scale Up: How to Build A 6-Figure Production Company...Even As a Team of One

A Filmmaking Course with Levi Allen

Join adventure filmmaker and Youtuber, Levi Allen, for a course designed to help you make films you’re proud of, land great clients, and earn a great living doing what you love.


When was the last time you worked with a dream client, making a project you're proud of, all while getting paid what you're worth?

If that's not every client and every project, keep reading.

What if you...

— Regularly woke up to find project requests from your dream clients in your inbox?

— Were treated, trusted, and paid like a real expert?

— Were truly excited about every project you worked on, and had the ability to say no to everything else?

— Finished that passion project that’s been on your mind for months or years?

—Actually started running the business you want, instead of letting your business run you?

— Were supported by an ambitious community of filmmakers to make 2019 your best year ever?

Join Levi Allen for this course, where all of this—and much more—is possible.



Get access to a proven path for both professional success and personal fulfillment.

In the course, Levi will guide you from wherever you are now to where you want to be—making work you’re proud of and earning the money you deserve. Plus, a community of filmmakers will be there to walk with you and keep you accountable throughout this life-changing experience.

Four integral components combine to make this experience absolutely infallible:


In-depth Training Modules

 Levi’s four module, 4+ hour training series that will teach you how to find your perfect niche and turn it into a profitable business that you love running.

This simple-to-follow process and practical tips will transform your business, whether you’re just starting out or feel stuck in an unfulfilling career.


Bi-Weekly Interactive Coaching Calls

 Every other week, we'll hop on a live coaching call where you can ask questions and get personalized advice on the challenges you're facing from the Academy team.

Develop your ideas, hear where other filmmakers are getting stuck, and get insights only available in a tight-knit community like this.  


Implementation Documents

 After you complete each training module, you’ll receive a worksheet with soul-searching questions and action steps designed to help you think through Levi’s advice and actually implement his strategies in your own life.

You’ll get specific about exactly what your goals are and what each step to getting there looks like.


Private 'Pop up' Community

 You didn’t think we’d let you go through this whole thing alone, did you?

We're believers in the power of community, we’ve included a space where all participants can connect, inspire, and motivate. We'll hold each other accountable and ensure that nobody falls off the wagon. 


Actionable Take-Aways from Levi's Together Workshop

“It’s sooo important to showcase my style to help steer my career, instead of only allowing client projects to determine what type of projects I produce.” 
— Emmy Wu

“My passion isn’t pulled from thin air or the clouds — it's in the dirt and details. And having a plan, and sticking to it, is the where the Niche meets the Goals.” 
— Ryan DeHamer

Levi's advice on how to bill clients and raise your prices was invaluable. Charging what you're worth is tough for us creatives, but it's great to see it pay off.” 
— Rowan Bradley

A never-before seen look at Levi’s entire process that allowed him to build a 6-figure production business in record time.

From finding your unique genius and getting your work noticed, to increasing your day rates and working with dream clients, get the specific details and clarity you need to confidently take the next big leap in your career.

You don’t need more content about getting beautiful shots or what gear to use — it's time to start doing the real work.

Finding Your Niche

In a world that seems filled to the brim with aspiring filmmakers, how do you make your work stand out?

Levi’s answer is simple: Find your niche and hone your craft (not necessarily in that order). Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much. 

You’ll learn the secrets to improving your skills, finding work you love to do, why failure may be the most important part of success, and how to give yourself permission to really go for it.

Turning Your Niche Into Your Business

Your niche won’t do you any good if your work isn’t valuable to a client.

In Part II, Levi discusses how specificity can become your superpower and he reveals the one simple statement that will transform how businesses view your work and whether they hire you or not.

Like Levi, you too can master the art of essentialism and learn how it can catapult your career into the next level.

Building Your Business, Your Way

How much time should you dedicate to working on your business versus in your business?

By understanding the real answers to these questions, you can stop feeling “busy” and start feeling like your work is making a difference. Levi explains how acting like a true professional changed the game for him, and he shares his three rules to getting there.

Playing The Long Game

It’s no secret that being your own boss takes consistent motivation and the willpower to show up even when you don’t feel like it.

From self-reflection to scheduling to gratitude, this section gets specific about how to stay on the right track, maintain your motivation, and get all your projects done while avoiding burnout.


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Course Includes

4 x In-depth Training Modules

Bi-Weekly Interactive Coaching Calls

Implementation Documents

Private 'Pop up' Community

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Course Includes

4 x In-depth Training Modules

Bi-Weekly Interactive Coaching Calls

Implementation Documents

Private 'Pop up' Community


Just in case we haven't met before, it's absolutely great to meet you!

Levi Allen

In just three years, Levi Allen went from filming random videos on his iPhone to building a six-figure production company. Levi travels the globe making a living creating films he’s truly proud of—and wants you to do the same. He’s focused on sharing his story and advice in the hopes that he’ll inspire others to create work they're proud of and tell their own stories.  

Academy of Storytellers

We’re a group of directors, filmmakers, producers, editors, and creatives based out of Portland and LA. Our goal is to create the most useful, comprehensive filmmaking education out there, taught by working professionals, while simultaneously building and nurturing the world's best community for ambitious filmmakers.

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This experience is entirely online so you can learn from wherever in the world you are. You’ll get online access to all of the materials including the training modules, implementation documents and pop-up community, and the coaching calls will be held via interactive Zoom calls.

No worries! They’ll all be recorded and transcribed, with time stamps corresponding to each question so you can catch up anytime.

All of the above! Levi’s practical tips and advice is designed to meet you wherever you’re at, whether you’re just starting out or have been making videos for years.

Absolutely! The coaching calls are where you’ll get to ask questions, hear where others are getting stuck, and talk through any issues you’re having live with with the Academy team.

A foolproof guide to building a successful business that you love running. It comes in the form of four, hour-long training modules, weekly implementation documents, coaching calls, and an online community. 

Levi’s workshop videos aren’t available for download. You’ll always have access to it online in case you need a refresher down the road, and you’ll be able to download the content summaries, implementation documents, and transcriptions.

Good question. The internet is filled with infinite content. But no matter how much of that you consume, you keep waking up day after day and nothing in your own life is actually different.

This experience is different — it’s designed to help you make real changes in how you think about your process and filmmaking business. Most importantly, the training is combined with a strong support network to hold you accountable so you don’t end up just watching videos and not implementing what you're learning.

We think this project is rad and totally one-of-a-kind. If you agree, it’d mean the world to us if you share it with your filmmaking friends.

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