How to craft moving films...even if you’re working with regular people

Learn the step-by-step non-fiction storytelling process from 5-time Emmy winning filmmaker, Patrick Moreau.


The Truth About Telling Stories as a Non-Fiction Filmmaker

Everyone knows storytelling is important.

It’s basically a filmmaking commandment at this point.

But if you work with real people in your films...

Meaning you’re in the business of documentary, wedding, non-profit, commercial, or corporate films.

Then you already know just how ridiculously hard it can be to tell good stories consistently.

Let alone stories that are emotionally engaging and that people will actually care about.

Unlike narrative filmmakers, you don’t have the luxury of making up compelling characters or engaging plots from scratch.

Nope, you’ve got to work with the person right in front of you, the client, or whoever’s readily available.

And let’s be honest, not everyone you make a film about will be interesting. It’s just something that happens.

Now, when you’re confronted with these situations, you have two choices...

You can either throw up your hands, say “oh well,” and just phone it in.

Or you can double down on your commitment to telling a great story, dig deeper into your characters, and craft something awesome despite the odds.

It’s a harder approach, and it can be frustrating.

But here’s an important question for you.

Which of these two approaches do think will be better for your career as a filmmaker?

Which one will get you and your films noticed?

It’s not easy to tell strong stories in any situation handed to you, but it’s possible. Because we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

That’s why we brought in one of the most talented, dedicated storytellers we know, Patrick Moreau, to teach a workshop on non-fiction storytelling.


Who is Patrick Moreau?

Patrick is obsessed with story. It’s what propelled Stillmotion from being a small wedding film company to working with the NFL and winning Emmy after Emmy. It’s what led him to found Muse Storytelling, where he teaches both filmmakers and companies alike how to harness the incredible power of story.

Everything You Need to Tell Stronger Stories, Every Single Time

One of the reasons it feels so difficult to tell great stories consistently is that most of us don’t treat it like a process.

In other words, we “wing it” and hope for the best. Not surprisingly, this rarely leads to great results. That’s why Patrick is going to be sharing his Storytelling Process…

It’s the very same process he’s used in his commercial, wedding, and broadcast work. The very same process that’s won him more Emmys that you could hold with both your hands and both feet.

By the time this workshop is through, you’ll know how to repeatedly tell stories people connect with, including:

3 traits every compelling character must have, and how to discover them in each person in your film.

Desire, or the secret sauce to ensure your audience actually FEELS something when they watch your film.

The 6 universal conflicts that exist throughout every story in history, and how to choose the best one.

Does your story have a core question? If not, it’s probably not as focused as it should be.

How to grab attention quickly in your work, so audiences don’t tune out before you ever get to the good stuff.

Demystifying story structure, so you can arrange your plot points with complete confidence.

A simple framework to guide your film successfully across the finish line, every single time.

How to use the power of story to attract more (and better) clients, and keep them coming back again and again.


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