Become a well-paid and in-demand commercial filmmaker

Everything you need to attract great clients, win the pitch, and deliver work that keeps them coming back for more. All while earning a healthy profit on every project.


The Two Big Obstacles Standing In Your Way

At Story & Heart, we’ve worked with hundreds of commercial filmmakers, both new and experienced.

And there are two common areas where we see most filmmakers struggle...

1) Attracting the right clients consistently. (You know, the companies you actually want to work with.)

2) Making great work that both you and the client are proud of, while still being profitable.

Whether you’ve been in business for awhile, or you’re just getting started, you will undoubtedly hit a wall in these two areas.

Why? Because it’s shockingly easy to price your work so that it’s not profitable for you. You probably won’t even know it until you’ve delivered the project.

And there are always companies looking for commercials at a bargain price. Turns out, these companies are rarely looking for inspiring, creative work from talented filmmakers.

It’s frustrating. And it’s dangerous.

If you don’t diagnose and fix these issues, your business doesn’t stand much chance of surviving over the long haul.

That’s why we brought in two successful and experienced commercial production companies to ensure you avoid these obstacles altogether.

You’ll not only learn how to market yourself and attract great clients consistently. But you’ll learn how to turn a profit on every project you make.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The workshop covers every piece of the commercial filmmaking process, from pitch to production to delivery — everything you need to get your commercial business off the ground (or take an existing business to the next level.)


I'm more confident in not backing off what a project should cost. That confidence is translating into higher dollar projects, more trust from our clients, and better overall work."
Braden D.

The Presenters

First up, we brought in Joe Simon and his core team at The Delivery Men, and Austin-based production company that’s crafted work for Under Armour, Oakley Sunglasses, TD Ameritrade, and many more big name clients. 

Next is Patrick Moreau, founder of both Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling who has created films for CBS, Showtime, Apple, Callaway, and many more brands, organizations, and networks.

Learn from The Delivery Men and Patrick Moreau's Years of Commercial Filmmaking Experience, and How Best to Set Your Business Up For Success.

The art of pricing and pitching so that it’s a no-brainer for your clients, and super profitable for you.

The expensive line items you’re probably forgetting to include in your budgets.

How to determine the exact types of clients you want to attract. (This makes marketing yourself so much easier.)

How to prevent “scope creep” from eating away at your profits.

Should you work with agencies, or go directly to your ideal clients?

The four key elements of building out a compelling “brand story” that will attract your ideal clients and repel everyone else

Plus, you’ll get two detailed breakdowns from real-world projects the Delivery Men have produced.


"After this workshop, we are now creating more accurate budgets and working on our brand story, resulting in increased work at prices that value our time and skill." 
Brian S.


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