How to craft case study videos that get results, even if you’ve got a tiny budget and no crew.

Unlock the key to breaking into the lucrative world of video marketing.


The Biggest Opportunity Most Corporate and Commercial Filmmakers Are Missing

You know your job is to produce videos that help your client get results.

But how do you accomplish that, especially when you’re just starting out?

The simple answer… case study and testimonial films.

They’re in high demand, and just about every type of company needs them.

They’re quick, cheap, and easy to make. (In fact, they’re perfect for Team of One film businesses.)

They’re also easy to sell, which makes the hardest part of running a filmmaking business much simpler.

And perhaps most importantly, they get results and have a measurable ROI for your clients.

In other words, case study filmmaking is a huge opportunity that few filmmakers are paying attention to.

But there’s just one problem…

Effective case study filmmaking isn’t easy.

In fact, most case study films aren’t only ineffective, they’re just plain boring.

This happens for a number of reasons...

You only have access to bland locations with bad light.

There’s not a clear story or emotional hook, which means audiences don’t have much reason to care.

The people you interview come off as awkward and robotic when talking about their experience.

Luckily, all of these problems are fixable.

That’s why we invited Patrick Moreau to the studio for a workshop in effective case study filmmaking.

As a ninja-level filmmaker who’s been helping companies tell customer stories for years, Patrick knows knows the art of case study films like the back of his hand.

So if you’re ready to grab hold of this opportunity, and make better case study films than anyone else in your market, keep reading.


Who Is Patrick Moreau?

Patrick is obsessed with story. It’s what propelled Stillmotion from being a small wedding film company to working with the NFL and winning Emmy after Emmy. It’s what led him to found Muse Storytelling, where he teaches both filmmakers and companies alike how to harness the incredible power of story.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Patrick Moreau's Case Study Workshop:

The single biggest problem with most case study films, and how to avoid it.

How to find the best stories and characters for your case studies. Most filmmakers skip this step, and wonder why they end up with an uninspiring video.

Patrick’s counterintuitive approach to conducting strong interviews that bring out the personality and passion in everyone you talk to.

The art of working with limited resources and tiny budgets to deliver the most compelling case study.

Specific lighting and art-direction techniques to spruce up bland locations and make your films look great.


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