Learn the Art & Business of Commercial Filmmaking

Norry Niven has directed commercial spots for some of the world’s biggest brands. In this exclusive workshop, he pulls back the curtain on his process, and shows you how to break into this lucrative field.


The Secret To Making A Great Living as A  Filmmaker

There are plenty of ways to make a living as a filmmaker.

But if you want to make a great living, filming commercials is the way to go.

Even in local markets, it can be lucrative. But once you get into national spots for big brands, you’re looking at some mighty big bucks.

But here’s the thing. It ain’t easy to break into that world. Far from it.

Truth is, unless you’ve already got a great commercial reel, or you have contacts at local ad agencies, it’s gonna be tough.

But how do you build a reel if you can’t get hired initially?

How do you get on the directing roster at a major production company if you don’t have a reel?

And how do you network and find the contacts you need to get hired?

It’s a challenging puzzle, and there no easy answers.

That’s why we brought in Norry Niven, a 25-year veteran of commercial directing, to teach you how to succeed in this tough industry.

Norry’s won 6 Emmy's for his promo work, and has directed spots for clients like McDonalds, Ford, Lincoln, HBO, Nintendo, Time Warner, Disney, Visa, Six Flags, and more.

In other words, Norry’s the real deal, and he leaves no stone unturned in this exclusive in-depth workshop.

So if you’re ready to embark on the path to making a great living as a commercial director, this workshop is just for you.


Who Is Norry Niven?

Known for his dynamic style, bold visual effects, and ability to direct celebrity talent, Norry Niven has made a name for himself over 25 years as a commercial director.

Norry has directed spots around the world for clients like Famous Footwear, Gatorade, Electronic Arts, McDonalds, Ford, Lincoln, Showtime, HBO, Wal-Mart, Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, Nintendo, Time Warner, 7-Eleven, Petsmart, Sears, Nestle, Disney, Visa, and Six Flags, just to name a few.

He’s also earned 6 Emmy Awards for his commercial work.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Norry's Art and Business of Commercial Filmmaking Workshop

When we asked Norry to do a workshop with us, the goal was to produce the most in-depth training on commercial directing anywhere online.

That meant it wouldn’t just cover the craft side of making commercials, but also the business side.

Luckily, Norry agreed to share the full picture of what it takes to succeed in this world.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn in his Commercial Directing Workshop:

The elements of a great commercial.

How to craft creatively fulfilling work that makes clients happy.

Choosing a niche as a commercial director, so that you don’t fall prey to the competition.

Should you be a freelance director, or sign with a production company?

Navigating the complex relationship between ad agencies, production companies, and sales reps.

The art of the pitch.

How to put together an irresistible treatment, and avoid the pitfalls of the inexperienced director.

How to get your first gigs, even if you don’t have representation or a reel of commercial work.

In-depth project breakdowns from some of Norry’s national TV spots.

And plenty more…


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