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“Absolutely career changing”

When you're part of a community like this, it brings the people aspect back into it. And it's taught me that I don't want to be just a videographer or a guy with a camera, I want to be a guy who tells stories.

The method I express those stories happens to be a visual medium, and without the Academy of Storytellers community and seeing what others are doing, I think it would be almost impossible.

— Jeremy Wayland
Academy of Storytellers community member

“If you stop learning, you should hang it up.”

It’s wonderful for me to find a resource where I can watch other people explain how they did what they did and the kind of projects they are working on.

I'm really grateful The Academy's here, and I'm always impressed with the quality and the presentation of the content and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's trying to up their game.

—Dina Mande
Academy of Storytellers community member

I have new skills and I can produce the films I want.”

Having this resource, that covers almost anything and everything I have a question on, has given me a lot more confidence and clarity on me being a filmmaker. It's definitely opened a lot more doors. 

When you do find a community like the Academy, when you do find a set of friends or people that are out there to support you, there's nothing stopping you.

— Oliver Asis
Academy of Storytellers community member



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