Dominate In-House Filmmaking

In this first of its kind Workshop

You'll learn how to become unstuck from operational restraints and move toward building the team of your dreams, creating passion-fueled films while driving exponential value for your client.



Working in-house or as a contractor on “corporate video” often means uninspiring content to work with, few resources, and endless emails and meetings.


How do you transition from having limited creative freedom and little support to producing beautiful and compelling content; videos that not only meet and exceed your client’s high expectations but satisfies your desire to tell a story with purpose and passion?


What does it take to convince stakeholders that delivering effective social media content, product introductions, internal films, commercials, or client presentations, all require powerful imagery and a pronounced, relatable theme.


You can break free of this unsatisfying workstyle and begin creating inspiring content that meets strategic goals and brings tons of value to the company. The key is gaining trust and confidence. Not just in yourself but from decision makers within your organization.




Scott David Martin 

Academy Filmmaker & Educator

With only a camera and a tripod and untested grit, Scott began his journey as a filmmaker by learning the craft of in-house filmmaking on the job for one of the largest, world-class cruise lines in the world.


His learning curve was steep, and he faced the challenges of working in a corporate client environment head-on with a focused determination to learn, make mistakes, take measured creative risks, and improvise solutions on a budget.


From his decade of experience, Scott has created a field-tested approach to the filmmaking process. And he’s developed the mindset needed for working with in-house clients to provide them amazing value and return on investment while creating content he loves.


From that humble, hard-scrabble start, he now produces award-winning travel videos viewed by thousands of destination travelers worldwide. And what started as a team of one and a tripod is now a full-blown in-house department with top end gear and a dedicated team.


Today, his films are known for inspiring people to travel to inspiring locations worldwide. His video marketing campaigns are laser-focused on showing the “why” through powerful imagery and story, ensuring that his clients’  brands will be strengthened by the promise and delivery of a memorable experience with each destination. He’s earned numerous awards and worldwide industry recognition, all from a simple start and the gumption to figure it out.

Get access to a proven path for both professional success

and personal fulfillment.

In this 5 hour class, Scott offers valuable lessons in creating amazing work that provides immediate and quantifiable value to your corporate clients, whether your in-house or operating your own production company. He reveals the processes he created for getting projects he’s passionate about greenlit, expanding his team and budget, as well as acquiring the necessary gear to create even better work.

These techniques and approaches can be used anywhere and by any filmmaker - which is what makes this course compelling to anyone with inspirations that are larger than the available budgets. He will share how to touch the hearts and desires of viewers with visually-stunning film and a clean marketing promise.

Take your filmmaking to the next level. Strengthen yours and your clients brand by telling a powerful, authentic story that resonates with customers long after they’ve watched your work.

1. In-Depth Training Modules

Scott’s five module, 5+ hour training series will teach you how to build the business of our dreams. This simple-to-follow process and practical tips will transform your mindset and the way you approach your business.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

3. Downloadable Resources

Scott shares his secret sauce of using strategy-driven documents to speak the business of video with his clients. We'll provide downloadable example documents and guides to help you build your very own.

4. Private Group in our App & Online

You're never alone! We're believers in the power of community, and have included a private space where everyone can connect, inspire, and motivate. No one gets left behind on our watch.

Scott is able to bring passion and purpose to a corporate environment - a place where creativity and true collaboration isn't often readily embraced or genuinely encouraged 
                              — Rowan Bradley

As a result of Scott's Workshop, I want to be involved earlier in the conceptual phase of projects. I can now offer significant value to the process rather than just executing someone else's vision.
                                     — Dayn Arnold

As a creative director and graphic designer I've been applying what I learned from Scott to save us a lot of time, money, and wasteful work processes and to help springboard large new product rollouts.
— Graham Dale

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